LightAir Inflatable Display

We, at FBD2, are always looking for new and exciting display solutions to meet our clients’ exhibiting needs. To that end, we are introducing the LightAir, a backlit inflatable display system that sets up in 25 seconds. A self-locking quick-release air valve makes it easy to inflate without loosing air and just as easy to deflate with the push of a button.



•  LightAir is great for events, sets, trade shows or anywhere you want big, bold backlit graphics and quick, easy setup!

•  LightAir 10′ displays (Available late 2018) – with inflator, battery and hose – fits in a carry-on-cas!

•  LightAir counter – perfect for product launches, food sampling, ticketing, retail counters,    promotional displays, exhibition counters and more.

•  LightAir is light weight and easy to install – saves money on shipping, drayage, labor and I&D.

Lightair can stand alone or intergrate with other display systems. No more waiting for your cases or crates to arrive at the end of the show. Wheel in the LightAir, unpack, push the button and minutes later you can be on your way to collecting leads with a beautiful exhibit behind you

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