Introducing Lisa!

Lisa McNamara has been hired as the Accounting and Office Administrator. Lisa assists the overall operation of the company by providing accounting and bookkeeping support as well as administrative services to all departments. She helps the FB team with her attention to detail, good interpersonal skills and the ability to multi-task. She has over 8+ years working in the Kitchen and Bath design industry


What do you like to do for fun? I love walking with my dog, Po, by the water and going out for ice cream. I enjoy good food at many restaurants in the Buffalo area.

What is your favorite vacation from your past? My favorite vacation was going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and traveling through Florida.

What is item #1 on your bucket list? Traveling to Europe. I would also like to Skydive!

What is your favorite movie or tv show? I have many favorite movies. A few are “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Goonies”, “Drop Dead Fred”.

How do you display your creative side?  I like to show my creative side by painting alone and with my nieces and nephews. I also enjoy trying out different crafts from Pinterest.

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