What’s all the BUZZ about ESHPA?

FB Displays & Designs, Inc., (FBD2) partnered with Empire State Honey Producers Association, Inc. (ESHPA) in designing a full size exhibit. The display made its debut at the 2018 NYS Fair held in Syracuse, NY.

The multi-quad display features a 16ft back wall with end towers and two wide TV monitors for demonstration. A large center area for dry-erase panels served to actively involve and educate Fair attendees in the honey producing process . The “all-over” print nature of the multi-quad display allowed for an enormous macro shot of honeycombs.

This was ESHPA’s first display and we at FBD2 are thrilled that we contributed to this new endeavor. And to our delight, ESPHA received of the H.S. Duncan Memorial Award for Best Educational Display in Horticulture at the 2018 NYS Fair.

        “The exhibit was very eye-catching.  We had our observation beehive in front of it with a monitor and a video microscope that we could use to show folks the bees up-close.  We also had a nifty little digital microscope that simply magnified a (dead) bee that kids/parents/anyone could study to see all the anatomical details “up close”. I’m pooped but we had a very successful 2-week run.  And a lot of that was thanks to your display!” – Christina Wahl, Ph.D., Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

Empire State Honey Producers Association, Inc. is open to all beekeepers in NYS, from the hobbyist with one hive, to the commercial migratory beekeeper with thousands. This is made clear in the preamble of the bylaws — to promote and protect the interests of New York State beekeepers, to form as association for mutual benefit of New York State honey producers, and to procure uniformity and certainty in customs and usages of trade and commerce. www.eshpa.org

FB Displays & Designs, Inc., provides full service event marketing solutions, from custom exhibits and modular displays to trade show material and design services. The company, which is “Certified Woman-Owned”, is a member of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, and the president and founder, Francine Brooks, is a member of the EDPA & TSEA and sits on the board of the Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center and several other advisory boards. 716-635-0282

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