Our Mission & Vision

A Message from Francine

“At FB Displays & Designs, Inc, we earn, maintain and grow our business relationships as a result of innovative thinking, exceptional customer service and unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.”

“We are all representatives of FBD2, and our conduct shapes the perceptions our clients and partners have of our company. Our strong reputation has been built on a foundation of basic principles: honesty, respect and integrity. It is our responsibility to drive those principles home in all aspects of our work.”

“As we strive to perform at the highest level, we must keep in mind that how we do things is just as important as the results we achieve. Superior results go hand in hand with ethical practices and we must never compromise our basic principles in order to achieve our financial objectives. We are all accountable for doing the right thing in every business decision.”

“We all have a responsibility in protecting the reputation of FBD2, so a thorough understanding and acceptance of our Mission & Vision and Code of Ethics is essential.”

– Francine Brooks, President of FB Displays & Designs

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading resource for excellence in designs, exhibit solutions and services.

Our Mission

To partner with our clients to bring their image to life through collaboration and dynamic approaches that address their marketing and strategic goals.

Respect: Appreciate the skills, experience and diversity of coworkers, clients and suppliers. Maintain professional boundaries, and strive to interact with coworkers, clients and suppliers with honesty and respect.

Integrity: Think and act ethically and honestly. Apply ethical and professional standards of behavior to daily work activities. Take personal responsibility for interactions and job responsibilities. Foster a work environment where integrity is rewarded. Report suspected violations of illegal and unethical activity.

Teamwork: Acknowledge each other’s abilities, efforts and accomplishments. Ability to work with others toward the common goal. Share ideas and build a trusting work environment. Ability to work in a group showing respect and support. Communicate in a clear, consistent and timely manner.

Accountability: Display competence in area of expertise. Follow through on commitments to others: meet deadlines, accurately complete required job responsibilities. Adhere to professional codes of conduct. Take responsibility for actions, ask questions to seek understanding. Display a commitment to excellence by continuing professional growth.

Adaptability: Open to change and remain aware of change within professional discipline and the industry. Show willingness to be creative, flexible and innovative to accomplish goals. Seek to understand the needs of each client.

Optimism: Always see the positive in situations; expect the best in coworkers, clients and suppliers. Recognize potential. Believe our efforts will be successful. Present a positive attitude with a confident, enthusiastic spirit. Be a positive reflection of FBD2.

To view our Code of Ethics, click here.

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