Our Services

Our Services

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Exhibit Design & Production

From custom modular exhibits to portable displays, or something-in-between, our displays are designed to communicate your company’s specific message and meet your marketing goals. We specialize in displays for :

  • Trade Shows & Conferences, Conventions, Seminars & Expos
  • Recruiting & Training
  • Community Outreach
  • Corporate Events, Press Events & Charity Events
  • Corporate & Retail Environments

Graphic Design

An effective trade show design encompasses more than just the display.

Display graphics and marketing materials, including pre and post show promotions, provide a striking visual impact meant to enhance your brand. Our talented team of designers can help you convey that message in a clear, concise and attractive fashion.

Virtual Experiences

Whether you are planning a virtual or hybrid trade show, an engaging virtual experience will help you capture valuable leads who would or could not attend a live event :

  • Interactive Space: Turn an existing property, equipment, product, or display into a unique interactive experience.

  • Virtual Exhibit: Turn your new or existing trade show booth into a 3D model to ensure your live and virtual presentations are the same.


Successful trade shows require efficient planning and accurate execution. Our proprietary training seminar "Where, Why and How of Trade Show Exhibiting” offers valuable information to help you get the best ROI from your exhibiting program. Subjects include but not limited to :

  • Event Research
  • Exhibit Planning
  • Pre-Show Marketing
  • Booth Staff Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Show Followup​

Show Services Management

We will take the challenge of navigating the Exhibitor Service Manual off your plate.

We will work on your behalf to ensure that all your service details are in order and that you receive prime rates and discounts. In addition, after the show, we will review all show charges to ensure accuracy.​


Whether you are shipping your display to/from a single event or as part of a full show schedule, we will manage all aspects of your shipping needs.

From pick-up arrangements, to paperwork and BOL's, to the safe return of your properties, we can make it happen with our network of carriers.​

Installation & Dismantling

You and your staff have better things to do than set up your display at a trade show. Leave that to the experts who will do a better and faster job and have the experience to solve problems and save the day.

A turn-key approach to your exhibit program will leave your team fresh and energized for the show floor, while saving money on travel expenses.

Inspection & Repair

Trade shows are all about projecting a positive brand image and a broken or damaged display will reflect poorly on your brand.

Whether your display has been sitting in-between events, or is returning from a series of shows, let us ensure your display is in peak condition and ready for your next trade show.​

Storage & Fulfillment

Are your trade show materials occupying valuable space in your warehouse?

Our storage and fulfillment process includes:

  • Maintaining your exhibit property in a climate control environment
  • Consolidate exhibit shipping
  • Quote and arrange display transportation if needed
  • Return shipment inspection and procedures​

Metrics & Analytics

Determining ROI is the key to maintaining a healthy exhibit program and being able to visualize trade show metrics opens a whole new dimension in measuring and managing a trade show program. Our technology will provide data on:

  • Attendee Traffic Patterns
  • Visitor Count & Dwell Time
  • Engagement & Sentiment
  • Digital Asset Fulfillment & Tracking
  • Personalized Lead Capture & Contact Management ​
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