Exhibit Design 101

When showcasing your company at a trade show, your exhibit represents who your company is, what you have to offer, and why you’re different from the competition. You don’t have long to draw someone in, a few seconds at best. While this may seem a daunting task, here are a few things to keep in mind while you design:

Know Your Audience

-Why are you exhibiting at this trade show?
-Who is attending the trade show?
-What appeals to your target audience?
-What are your targets audience’s pain points?

Your Display is a Billboard

-The design should be large and clean enough to be seen from 10-20 feet away
-Most important elements should be in the top 2 feet and rarely below eye level
-Less is more, focus on imagery not text

Good Design Makes a Difference

-Use benefit statements not buzzwords
-Text must have sharp contrast to be readable so ditch the cursive font and busy background
-Images and text should complement each other
-Use neutral or complementary colors to make your images and logo stand out

Extra Extras

-Monitors with video or moving projections catch people’s attention FAST
-Use light to highlight areas of interest
-Backlights or spotlights accentuate design
-Use sound to set the mood
-Keep everything unified: Displays, literature, and even staff clothing

The goal of any exhibit design is to make attendees stop at your booth. A great design will stick with someone, long after they’ve left your booth. To accomplish this, aim to have a catchy phrase, a striking image, or even just a strong feeling. And don’t forget the number one design rule: don’t be afraid to break the mold.

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