The Do’s & Don’ts of Trade Show Etiquette

You have a perfect trade show booth, thoughtful giveaways, and your marketing materials are exceptional. There is nothing stopping this from being the perfect show. Or is there? What about your booth staff? Training your team on proper booth etiquette is one of the most important tasks because it will make a huge difference in your ROI.

Here are a few tips on do’s and don’ts on the show floor:

Do: Call in Wardrobe

Have the booth staff break out the suits and ties. You’ll be amazed how differently they carry themselves and interact with attendees. If uniforms or logo clothing are a staple of your company, make sure your team is sporting them. If possible, try to reinforce imagery of the uniforms in your graphics and literature as well.

Don’t: Check Your Phone

Technology has become a distraction for many and the phone is the worst offender. No matter how important a text, e-mail or news update may be, checking one’s phone during a conversation is a very unprofessional gesture. Adding to the list of don’ts are reading, drinking, sitting or leaving the booth unattended.

Do: Greet & Engage

Your booth staff should be friendly, approachable and prepared. A rehearsed pitch will only have a negative impact on your brand’s credibility. Train your team to smile, make eye contact and grab the attendees attention with open-ended questions. Make sure that your booth staff qualifies visitors before pitching, and asks follow up questions.

Don’t: Talk From Your Seat

Nothing is more intimidating to a trade show attendee than approaching a table of seated exhibitors. If your exhibiting practice is for your team to sit behind a table, make sure that everyone knows to stand up when greeting an approaching attendee. By doing this, the visitor will feel appreciated and more comfortable to engage.

Do: Take a Break

While the booth needs to be attended at all times during exhibit hours, work out a schedule so that everyone on your team can take a break away from the booth. Even if the break is short, it gives your staff time to re-energize, which is beneficial when interacting with potential clients.

Don’t: Look Over Their Shoulder

Nothing is more disrespectful than eyes drifting off over the shoulder of a visitor at your booth. Even if a conversation feels like it’s going nowhere, it’s important to give the visitor full attention until the end.

Do: Be Positive

People tend to be drawn to other people and surroundings that give off positive vibes. Your pretty display is vibing with positive energy, and your booth staff needs to be doing the same. There is nothing more positive than a smile and eye contact. Make sure you and your staff are smiling and appear happy, especially during peak show hours when you will be surrounded by attendees.

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